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Lake Forest Home Remodeling

LaMantia has been completing projects for customers in Lake Forest and the North Shore for many years. Almost all of the homes have their own unique character, and our designers and architects have ideas and designs to transform your living space into what you have always wanted it to be. We have been in your neighborhood for 40 years – let us show you the possibilities and what can be done in your home. Contact us today for a Free Design Consultation.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Lake Forest

Dan and Lynn O. – 12-21-2005 – Kitchen Remodeling in Lake Forest, IL

Dear Tony,

While we have not met, we feel that we know a bit about you given the terrific team of associates you have working with you. As the dust has settled and the house renovation has been completed we wanted to drop you a note of appreciated and recognition of those who made it a reality. In particular we’d like to thank Richard Hoffman and Mike Ryzner for all they did in making the project a success.

We embarked on this project about two years ago. In the process we met with and evaluated a number of contractors (nine). From the outset we were more comfortable with and had confidence in Richard Hoffman. We can say without hesitation that we made the right decision. His wonderful design and guidance throughout the project, along with the able support of Katie, have been exemplary. The knowledge and talent of both Richard and Katie, and their attention to detail during the selection process, are greatly appreciated. All of their hard work set the stage for an amazing end product. We also know that there are those in the office work work behind the scenes, all of whom are dedicated to doing their best.

Once construction began, we were in excellent hands with Mike Ryzner and his team. We could have no asked for a better person than Mike to run the project. He combined experience and know-how with courtesy, patience, high standards and a work ethic seldom seen in this day and age. We were never in doubt that he wanted the best possible outcome on the project and he did all that he could to make it happen. With a host of hard-working tradesmen and sub-contractors who were attentive, neat, talented, respectful and professional, under Mike’s guidance, the plan became a reality. Altogether a great team!

Like any project, we had a few “hiccups” along the way, all of which have been dealt with in the LaMantia way. As promised, your organization has fulfilled its commitment to customer satisfaction; it is greatly appreciated.

We recently had our first party in the “new” house. You would have been justifiably proud had you ben here to witness all the “oohs” and “ahs” of our family. The most frequent question/comment was and is “Who did the work? They did an amazing job.”

It is rare indeed, in our time, that the actual product and level of service lives up to and even exceeds what was expected. We want you to know of our satisfaction with the process and to point out the professionalism, the level of expertise and the dedication of Richard, Mike and the whole team during the entire project.

Best wishes and Marry Christmas to you and your entire LaMantia team!

Room Addition Lake Forest

Marcia and Andy R. – 8-29-2007 – Room Addition and Home Renovation in Lake Forest, IL

Dear Mr. LaMantia,

Now that the “dust has settled” and the tools and ladders are gone, we would like to express our satisfaction with the design and completion of our remodeling project. Although it took a lot longer than we initially envisioned, we knew that LaMantia considered this a work in progress. As you know, we lived in our home during this large project. Your teams’ flexibility and cooperation was a huge help. We had many ideas come to mind as the construction proceeded and the team was always willing to amend the original design. The biggest alteration was our desire to finish a third floor area as opposed to leaving it as an unfinished storage area. That decision was due to Rich Hoffman’s creative use of windows that created a spectacular view on three sides. We dreamed of sitting in the space and enjoying a beautiful sunrise or admiring the snow covered treetops in winter. Another considerable alteration in the design was a cathedral ceiling for a new bedroom, which provides an illusion of more space and a beautiful view of our back yard. Finally, we did not like a porch across the front of the house so Rich designed an interesting Georgian arch to frame our front door.

We were very impressed with Rich Hoffman. He is a very intuitive designer. He took our existing home and used certain architectural elements to create new spaces that feel just like they are part of the original home. Because of his attention to every aspect of the architecture, he was not afraid to level with us on some of our ideas that were not consistent with the overall design of the house. He was a pleasure to work with.

Mike Ryzner was a complete professional. The phrase that still comes to mind – “whatever you want…we work for you!” He followed through consistently and managed his team and subcontractors with a firm hand and a sense of humor as well. Our family could set our watches by Greg Bird. Each morning we would see him in his truck waiting for the appropriate time to enter our garage. His carpentry work is sheer perfection. We can honestly say that we miss making those pots of coffee for Greg, and for others as well.

You have an excellent team who did outstanding work for us. We definitely will use your company for any future project and will highly recommend LaMantia to our friends and your potential customers. Job well done!

Home Addition Lake Forest

Tricia Jette` – 10-05-2010 – Home Addition in Lake Forest, IL


I just wanted to write a quick note on a recent experience we had with your company and Michael Ryzner. About 3 years ago, your company completed an extensive renovation/addition to our house on which Rich Hoffman was the architect and Mike Ryzner was the lead project manager. We had an amazing experience with your company and could not have been happier with the end result. People are always surprised when I tell them that our renovation/construction went very smoothly and we were able to work out any items with you guys that we had the slightest discomfort or dislike.

Most recently, last month, our hot water heater spring a leak. A repair man told us we needed a new tank, and considering this one was the one you had installed three years ago, I called you guys right away. It was Friday about 3 o’clock. Your receptionist put me in touch with Mike who called me back right away. Realizing the tank was still within the warranty time frame, he told me he was going to send a plumber there. After looking at the tank they quickly determined we needed a new tank and Mike rushed out to get a new one for us before they closed at 5pm, knowing that if he couldn’t get there in time, my family would not have hot water all weekend.

In the midst of all of Mike’s work, my middle son came running in with a gash from a hockey stick to his head and was in need of an emergency room and stitches. Mike took care of everything and got us a new hot water heater in our and installed, letting me take care of my son’s stitches. In addition to all of this craziness, our dog got out of the house without us realizing and just when Mike was finishing up, I told him I was taking the kids to go search for the dog. Mike stayed until the job was completed, and then was so amazingly kind to get in his own car and help me search for the dog. All of the work was done by 6:00PM on a Friday night… we had hot water all weekend, my son’s gash was taken care of, and the dog found.

That is a great tale of amazing service from your company and Mike Ryzner specifically. He has always been one to give great respect to our family while working in our house, and always made sure that all the work was completed in high attention to detail and beyond our satisfaction.

I continue to highly recommend your company and if any other of your employees are as diligent and loyal as Michael, you should be highly successful in your client satisfaction.

Home Renovation Lake Forest

Verified Client – 6-19-2013 – Home Renovation in Lake Forest, IL

Site supervision was excellent. Mike Ryzner was very attentive and responsive to our needs. He went over and above our expectations. He is very capable and easy to work with and we would definitely request him as the supervisor on future projects.

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