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Hinsdale Home Remodeling

Hinsdale, located 21 miles west of Chicago, offers natural beauty, hometown charm, and a friendly community atmosphere.  The village serves as an ideal base for commerce, education, and suburban living.  With a rich architectural heritage and charming downtown to boot, Hinsdale offers year-round activities perfect for the entire family.

Hinsdale’s downtown area is a National Register Historic District. The downtown area is located in the center of town and is remarkably little changed considering the many teardowns that have occurred in town. The village has restaurants, different types of shops, and various services, as well as the train station.

The Robbins Park district just east of downtown between Garfield Street and County Line Road, as well as between Hinsdale Avenue and 9th Street, is a National Register Historic District as well. The district includes two of Hinsdale’s seven buildings individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as seven of seventeen Hinsdale Historic Landmarks.

The six individual Hinsdale buildings on the National Register of Historic Places are the Orland P. Bassett House at 329 E. Sixth St., the Robert A. and Mary Childs House at 318 S. Garfield Ave., Immanuel Evangelical Church at 302 S. Grant St., the Francis Stuyvesant Peabody House at 8 E. Third St. and the William Whitney House at 142 E. First St.

Another significant architectural landmark is the R. Harold Zook Home and Studio, which was originally located at 327 S. Oak Street and was saved from demolition in 2005 by relocation to the Katherine Legge Memorial Park, 5941 S. County Line Road.

To address Hinsdale’s legacy of important architectural landmarks, the Hinsdale Historical Society runs the Roger & Ruth Anderson Architecture Center, which advocates for the preservation of Hinsdale’s historical architecture and serves as an archive and resource.

LaMantia has been helping home owners in Hinsdale for over 44 years transform their home remodeling dreams into reality. You will find unsurpassed quality and attention to detail given to all projects – kitchen remodels, bath remodels and home additions. Contact us today for a Free Design Consultation.


Kitchen Remodeling Hinsdale

Kay and Tom – 12-17-2012 – Kitchen Remodeling in Hinsdale, IL

Dear Tony and Mike,

We had an excellent experience renovating our kitchen and replacing our bedroom floor, thanks to the attitudes and work of Gina, Lana and Chuck.

Gina was professional and kept all the paperwork on track. Chuck did an excellent job of keeping in touch, even though we saw him in person only twice during the project.

We want to single out Lana because she was terrific. She walked us through decisions on flooring, countertops, sinks, backsplash and paint. She drove Kay down to the granite facility and saved us money there. But don’t worry, Tony, she encouraged us to spend more on lighting, so we spent over our allowances. She then met Kay at the tile store and drove to another one when she dodn’t like the choices. She gently steered us away from a poor sink decision, and then steered us to a paint color that was beyond our original comfort level – and it turned out great.

After two other projects with LaMantia over the last 27 years, we expected we would get personal service and would work through any surprises. We weren’t disappointed.

So, thanks and Merry Christmas.


Richard and Janet S. – 11-01-2011 – Kitchen Remodeling in Hinsdale, IL
(100% Customer Satisfaction via GuildQuality)

In a day and age, where there are “shady” and “shody” construction people, LaMantia is a shining star of excellence and responsiveness. I have seen the LaMantia signs in the western suburbs for over thirty years and in 2007 entrusted them to remodel my kitchen, which they did spectactularly. In 2011, we reemployed them to create a master bedroom. The whole process was almost magical. Every subcontractor was courteous, professional, accomodating, and knowledgeable. There was never any lag time with the few complications that came along. These guys do tremendous work for a fair price. Also, when I had a minor repair that was required from the 2007 work, they were right on it. Wonderful firm!


Verified Client – 12-13-2012 – Kitchen Remodeling in Hinsdale, IL
(100% Customer Satisfaction via GuildQuality)

We were satisfied in every area! The value for the end product was fantastic! We could not be happier with our new kitchen. We constantly pat ourselves on the back about a great decision to go with LaMantia, everyone we worked with was so patient, helpful and essential in getting the project to it’s completion. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

Bathroom Remodeling Hinsdale

Linda S. – 9-12-2006 – Bathroom Remodeling in Hinsdale, IL

Dear Lana,

I want to thank you for all you have done for me to make my remodeling project such as success. I have been telling everyone that I gave birth faster than I completed my selection process. You have been so incredibly kind and patient throughout this undertaking!

I love your enthusiasm, wisdom, passion and appreciated your brutal honesty when it was needed. You were such a pleasure to work with – I love hearing your gigle during our planning sessions and funny comments exchanged during our daily email (the large insect on the screened-in porch 🙂 and the League of Nations in Lauren’s bedrooms.)

Thank you also for the personal service in dropping off materials at my house. You were so accommodating to my schedule!

Your attention to detail and organization skills are amazing. I learned a lot from you and plan to incorporate those traits into my daily activities.

You have such talent, and I truly appreciate everything you have done, and know that I will think of you often as I am appreciating my beautiful home.

The bathrooms are absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy with how they turned out. Each agonizing decision worked out beautifully with your guidance and advice.

Should you ever need a recommendation, I am your number-one fan and would be happy to talk to any homeowner who in considering your services.

Thank you so much Lana. I really enjoyed working with you and may have to think of another project so I can continue our daily communication.

Room Addition Hinsdale

George and Carole O. – 3-23-2012 – Room Addition in Hinsdale, IL
(100& Customer Satisfaction via GuildQuality)

They did excellent work. Everything was perfect. Everyone was very professional. The work was done in a timely manner. I would recommend them highly.

Home Renovation Hinsdale

Dr. Richard and Janet Skoda – 01-26-2012 – Home Renovation in Hinsdale, IL

Dear Tony,

I am suure you always hear the complaints, but not the compliments. Well, this letter is full of compliments for your exquisite staff, both inside and outside your offices. As you may remember, you remodeled our kitchen in 2007 and have just recently completed remodeling our master bathroom.

The hat with many crowns goes to Gina, who was the contact person who made us keep coming back. Every Christmas, Gina sent us a card with a note. On the few, rare, occasions, where we needed an item from 2007 adjusted, Gina was on it. Gina is the face of your business, which brought us back for more. We again enjoyed working with Katie on picking out styles. She too is wonderful.

We enjoyed working with Doug as foreman last time and though that Chuck wouldn’t be another “Doug.” He was and more. (By the way, he tells me that you make great breakfasts.) He was very accommodating and the few minor glitches, he made them seem that there were never glitches at all.

As for your workers, we love Alex and his crew. As well as his brothers George and Rudy, who did our electrical work in the kitchen. They are all first rate. Your hardwood floor man, Duran was very accommodating and professional with his work. Rudy did a great job on hanging our French doors perfectly and getting the big bay window in. Jay was back with us plumbing and Mike was most competent and professional.

Now to take anything away from the other works, I have a special fondness for Reggie from Driser Electric and Andy, the carpenter (really he is much more than that.) They are both magicians. Truly magicians. Reggie was by today to solve a very complicated electrical problem. He diagnosed it and fixed it within 30 minutes. Amazing!

A story I should share about Andy. I wanted extra crown molding put into the old living room. Chuck noted that there would be patching needed after removing the old, which would be extra. I understood Chuck to tell Andy, “Make sure you give me your extra hours and will do a change order.” Well, on the last day, I asked Andy if he had turned his hours into Chuck. Andy softly said, “No, Chuck said you were to pay me directly.” I asked Andy, “If I didn’t remind you about the money I owed you, would you have told me that I owed you money?” Andy responded, “Maybe yes, maybe no.” Of course, we all know what that answer meant.

On a positive note, the Hinsdale inspector asked me what I thought of LaMantia. f course, I raved. He said, “That’s what I always hear. Just checking to see if anythings changed.”

So Tony, in the future, when you will get a complaint about any of these individuals, and you will, remember, for every complaint there are at least ten people who never bother to give the compliment.

Please share this letter with any and all of the mentioned persons or use it for your promotional purposes, if you like. Please place my name on your list for references or in any other way that I can help promote your firm.. Stay well.

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