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Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you plan to stay in it forever, there are several home remodeling projects that will upgrade the style, comfort, and value of your space. If you’re contemplating a home remodel in Hinsdale or the Chicagoland area, keep reading for our design and build team’s top picks for … Read more

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Person holding a tablet with a kitchen drawing in front of the renovated kitchen

When Should You Hire a Kitchen Designer?

Do you find yourself frequently looking around your kitchen and thinking, “I really wish this space had a different layout and more storage”? Or maybe there’s a constant refrain of, “It would be better if my kitchen was open to the rest of the living space” playing in your head. Whatever the reason, updating the … Read more

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Remodeled open floor plan kitchen, dining room, and living room

Need More Room? Consider a Home Addition

When you bought your current home, it likely suited your needs in terms of layout and space. As life goes on, though, you may find yourself feeling more cramped and quickly running out of room. Maybe your family is growing or perhaps a parent is coming to live with you. Whatever the reason, you might … Read more

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French doors leading to office

French Doors vs. Pocket Doors

If you want feature character and charm throughout your remodeled home in the Chicago suburbs, opting for non-traditional interior double doors is a great way to do that. Normally, standard wooden doors are placed into every doorway, but you have other options — French doors and pocket doors for example. Let’s take a look at … Read more

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Workers working on a home remodeling project

What’s the Difference: Renovation vs Remodel?

If you’re looking into fixing up your home in the Chicago suburbs, you’ve likely used the words “renovate” and “remodel” interchangeably. Both allow you to make improvements to your house, but they are actually two different types of projects. Take a look at what the differences are between home remodeling vs renovation, so you know … Read more

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