Shower Re-Location Proves to be the Winner
Winner of 2016 Nari Contractor of the Year Award
February 9, 2016
Coffered Ceiling Sets the Stage
March 8, 2016

Shower Re-Location Proves to be the Winner

Surprising how quickly this happens, but this stunning 15 year old Hinsdale home was ready for some new looks. Enter LaMantia’s award winning designer, Jackie Prazak and, as it always does, the beauty followed her in the door.

There had been others presenting ideas for change, but when Prazak, with the help of Katie Suva, CKD, CBD, shared her possibility of the new walk-in shower location, the clients knew they had found both the contractor and the designers they wanted to proceed with.

Prazak felt relocating the shower location would capitalize on both the entry view and the angles of the volume ceiling. With her presentation, Prazak was able to “virtually” take the clients to the bathroom, position them outside the glassed entry doors, and display the view of the new shower.

Prazak’s plan for the new bathroom layout also included removing the visual weight of the large drop-in tub and re-inventing the linen closet to appear as a tall furniture chest nestled into the original closet space. The soft white/soft grey combination of tiles and paint colors played off each other perfectly when mated with the rich darkness of the chosen woods and finishes.

With the new bathroom layout and material selections finalized, the client’s decided to move this winning team directly into the kitchen! Kitchen story to follow soon…
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