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Master bathroom with his and hers shower

What does your wishlist for a dream bathroom look like? Does it include a his and hers shower? If not, maybe it’s time you considered adding one to your master bath. If you have the space, it’s not only a great addition to your decor, but it’s also a time-saver too. Keep reading for a short list of the right questions you should ask while drawing up your master bathroom renovation plan.

Do You Struggle to Share the Space?

A his and hers shower is especially helpful if you and your partner frequently use the bathroom at the same time. It can reduce the time it takes to get ready before work or a night out if you can both shower simultaneously. This can also save you from having to take turns with two quick showers to conserve hot water.

Does My Master Bath Have Enough Room?

The first, and most important place to start is by making sure there is enough space for a his and hers shower, which will be larger than a standard one. Your bathroom needs to be big enough to accommodate the extra square footage. If it’s currently too tight a fit, consider whether an expansion is an option, and if it’s worth it to you to lose a foot or two from your closet or bedroom to expand the space.

Master bath remodeling project with his and hers shower featuring double shower heads

Will My Plumbing Support this Remodel?

Not only do you need to consider the size of the space you currently have to work with, but you need to verify that your plumbing will support this addition, because a double shower will use twice as much water. To simultaneously provide the desired water pressure and hot water for two, you may need to consider upgrading your plumbing and your water heater as well. Make sure to research the local requirements for water meters and plumbing upgrades before you make any changes, or work with a top design and build team who will ensure this is all properly taken care of for you.

How Do I Set Up a Shower for Two?

Once you determine whether you have the space to expand your shower and you’ve researched the local codes and requirements, you get to set up the design of your new double shower. Since you will need double shower heads and hardware, make sure they line up evenly on the wall to provide an aesthetically-pleasing visual. Use the height of the taller person to determine where to install the showerheads and hardware so everyone has enough room to comfortably use the space.

Ready for a His and Hers Shower?

Once you’ve thought through these considerations and answered these questions, it’s time to start planning! Need a little more inspiration or some guidance from a team of pros? When you trust LaMantia, you work with a professional team of home designers and architects who will help you transform your bathroom into your dream space.

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