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Basement bedroom suite with attached bathroom

There are many reasons why you might want – or need – to add on to your home. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a larger kitchen or your growing family needs an extra bathroom or bedroom. One important reason many families opt for a home expansion is to add an in-law suite. In 2016, 20% of the population in the U.S. lived in a multigenerational home, so if this is the case for your family, now is a great time to consider a home renovation or addition.

What is an In-Law Suite?

Also known as a “mother-in-law suite” this is a separate apartment or set of rooms designed to accommodate adults – usually parents or grandparents – who are moving in with you. This space can be as efficient as a bedroom and bathroom, or it can be more elaborate with its own living room and kitchen as well. In-law suites can be built onto the home itself as an extension or they can be built as a separate, smaller dwelling, often occupying part of the side or backyard.

Living space with TV stand built into the wall

In-Law Suite Considerations

  • Useage: If you have a plan in place to move your parents or your in-laws into your home, consider how they will use the space. If they’re still comfortably independent, they may prefer a completely separate structure, furnished with its own entrance, living area, and kitchen. If you’ll be helping to care for your parents, it might be better to share your common living spaces.
  • Add On or Convert: If you currently have unused space in your home such as an empty basement, office, attic, or even the garage, consider converting that into your in-law suite. This can be a cost-effective option because you’ll avoid investing in changes to the structure or building something new. If you don’t have any extra room, consider the best location to add onto your home.
  • Occupancy: Will your parents be living with you full time or part time? If the in-law suite won’t be used year ‘round, you might consider utilizing it as an office, reserving it for out-of-town visitors, or even renting it out for the part of the year it will be vacant.
  • Added Value: Adding an in-law suite increases the overall livable square footage, making your home more attractive if – or when – you plan to sell. A finished basement or attic is much more attractive to visitors and prospective buyers, which may be the reason you’re looking for when considering whether to make a change to your current home.

Ready to Learn More about In-Law Suites?

If you’d like to learn more about what adding an in-law suite involves, what the cost might be, or how long the renovation will take, consider speaking with LaMantia, your trusted local design and build team.

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