Get Your Backyard BBQ Ready!
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May 12, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Get Your Backyard BBQ Ready!

Are you ready to celebrate this Memorial Day with BBQ’s, family and friends? With the weather starting to warm up, now is the time to start spending quality time outdoors! Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your backyard for the holiday weekend (and unofficial start to BBQ season).

Go for the Green – Weeding and fertilizing your lawn will help get it and keep it healthy and green this Memorial Day weekend as well as all summer long!

Flower Power – Now is the perfect time to add mulch to your flower beds and gardens. Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil and helps keep those pretty plants hydrated and beautiful! ***tip if you don’t have flower beds, planting in containers is a quick way to add color and variety to your outdoor space, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

BBQ Ready – Whether you have a full outdoor kitchen set up or a just a basic BBQ, take some steps to get it ready a few days before your celebration. Make sure that your appliances are in working order and that your BBQ has enough gas. Let’s face it: nobody wants to find out they’re out of propane when uncle Joe shows up for your famous burgers!

Raising the Bar – Serve drinks in style with an outdoor bar. It will provide a sturdy surface to prevent spills when serving your guests AND you’ll be less likely to lose the bottle opener if you’ve got a dedicated station for all the beverage necessities.

Take a seat….or not….it’s a BBQ! – While your guests will want to mix and mingle, make sure to have plenty of seating available for your guests; picnic tables and outdoor tables usually do the trick. If you can, it’s ideal to have some tables covered with outdoor umbrellas or canopies, so people can enjoy the barbecue in the shade. It’s also a great idea to have several folding lawn chairs available (or asks guests to BYOC – bring your own chair) – camp chairs are great for backyard parties!

Set up – Have a stand alone food table near the grill for condiments, plates, napkins, etc. so people can easily walk by and grab what they need.

Light the night – If you know you’re going to be outdoors after the sun goes down on this Memorial Day, consider adding some lighting to your landscape. This will enhance the overall look of your yard, while proving both ambient and utilitarian lighting for you and your party guests! (if you don’t have time to put in lighting, consider picking up some garden torches – they’re a quick lighting fix AND double as mosquito repellent if you use Citronella oil!)

Celebrate good times – That’s it! With a few tips and tricks, you’re party ready! Have a safe and fun-filled weekend!
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