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When you entered our Hinsdale clients’ home, you were greeted with soaring ceilings, layered moldings, barrel-vaulted hall, and a spectacular staircase. The existing kitchen didn’t match the grandeur of entranceway, so our clients sought our LaMantia for a kitchen renovation.

LaMantia designers Andy LaMantia and Jackie Prazak got to work designing and planning a new kitchen that better matched the rest of the home’s interior.

Let There be Light

One of our clients’ biggest complaints with their existing kitchen was how dark it was, so our design and build team made to to incorporate plenty of light. Our team designed a soffitted/coffered ceiling with several levels of lighting and a look that extended into the adjoining family room. The overall lighting plan included cans, chandeliers, pendants, under-cabinet task halogens and sconces to renew and brighten up this space.

Updating the Cabinets and Layout

Another aspect of this kitchen that wasn’t working was the original dark, flat cabinets that stretched to the 10-foot ceiling. The new kitchen cabinets were painted maple that rose to various stepped depths, which took this kitchen transformation to the next level. Our team changed the kitchen layout as well, providing a workspace fit for gourmet cooking, complete with an 8-foot wide hood.

Kitchen Renovation Success

Upon completion of this project, our clients let us know that their kitchen was now a joy to live in and filled with warmth and comfort. They were also pleased that the kitchen now fits in perfectly with the adjoining rooms.

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lamantia kitchen renovation image

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